Monday, March 21, 2011

i m bursting with glee now and yet i am feeling a tad guilty for the source of gleefulness. i need my bitching buddies!!! :D

i miss ifer a lot. i've been thinking about her lately. even sent her a message via facebook. but i m very sure she will not reply at all. it was raining heavily yesterday and my mind was brought back to the college days. how silly we were playing under the rain trying to get sick coz we didnt study for our calculus test the next day and we knew we were doomed :P so we came up with a silly idea. let's get sick. let's play under the rain! so she changed into her bikini and i wore my nightie and we sat at the carpark and talk and laughed at our silliness :D. we even walked the whole apartment area with ppl whistling at us or looking at us weirdly :D then she needed to get cigarettes and we walked to the nearby 24hr shop to buy. we knew the uncle well and on the way there, we were giggling and wondering wat's the uncle's reaction gonna be. but he was very cool about it. as if like it's normal for 2 crazy girls to be soaked wet in nighties and bikini walking into his shop at 4am in the morning getting cigarettes :D :D :D :D then there's another time where minger and ifer suddenly wish to eat American moist chocolate cake from Baker's Cottage - at 8am in the morning. We were hanging out the whole night at our balcony talking nonsense and drinking beer and singing songs (yes, we were really a nuisance then) until 7am so that we can have our favourite wantan mee :D after breakfast, they needed desserts and Baker's Cottage was opened already. And somehow, in our crazy mindset, in order to buy a cake, we needed a birthday person. So we started to think, whose bday was around the corner? and we realized Juju's bday was 2 weeks away. So we bought the cake, went home all giggly at our silliness, knocked on Juju's door and wake her and Babi up and forced Juju to blow the candles. You should see their tulan and yet cant show tulan-ness face :D after Juju blow the candles, we shoo them back to sleep so that Minger and Ifer can eat the cake :D looking back, i seriously think we have really amazing and patience housemates :D coz if anyone did that to me, i will just smash the bloody cake at their face and go back to sleep :P so yea.... i miss ifer. we really had a lot of funny childish time together. :(

i am waiting for obelix, the ex that got away, to come online :D he is the next best bitching buddy :D just called him, he is busy today. ask to me to keep it till tomorrow and we will bitch all i want :D

small cow is currently unavailable. i think she is having her down time now. so ya.....

minger lagi unavailable. she has bosses from hell!!

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