Monday, March 21, 2011

Tonight, i've got an epiphany or some sort from small cow's facebook status and Daph's note. Small cow's status was something about looking at own self in the mirror and see if you will date yourself? Why? Very good question. I thought about it and i realized i wouldn't date myself coz i m a horrible and ugly person. :( apatah lagi other ppl?? Daph speaks my mind in her note. To love someone is wish that he is happy. I totally agree with that and that's what i m doing now. :-) also, i've decided to delete your number from my phone and hopefully my mind soon. I will not be contacting you anymore. Not out of spite. But out of love. I don't wanna disturb you anymore. I just wish you all the very best in everything you do and i wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserves this coz you are the nicest man i known. :-) have a great and happy life, my dear friend :-)

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