Sunday, March 20, 2011

Went over to Puchong just now to play with baby Mika. :-) i realized i really do love playing with kids. They are so innocent and brilliant! :-) i wish to have a kid or two or three! :-) ok, i can hear all the karchengs saying 'Omg! Is this really Jerseycow talking?!' :-) ok, so they were right all along :-) when i was younger, i told everyone i never wanna get married nor have any kids coz i don't believe in long lasting marriage and i don't believe i am a good mother. And they all always tell me that there will come a time i will change my mind and i always tell them "rubbish! No such thing!" seems like i m eating my own words back -.- the sad thing is, i think it's too late. So now i can only shower all my love to my nieces and nephews :-) heard from kaima that kong kong fell down from the bed and knocked his head and bled :( i wonder how long does he need to suffer. :( dad is super stressed out over his lawsuit. He seems pretty pessimistic about it. I see it as a no case lawsuit. But then again, he might be keeping some information from me. And he being him, stubbornly refuse to listen to what i have to say. So i m just gonna shut up. Let him stress out himself la. I know i really sound like a bad daughter. But i feel there's no point listening to him bitch about things that can be solved easily or things that are not worth worrying about and he wouldn't even want to listen to me anyway. It's just frustrating listening not able to do anything else. He has all the paperworks to prove that that asshole is being a cunning asshole. So why worry? I guess he just don't have faith in our country judiciary system. He says the judge is nasty. Aiyah, dunno he la. Even taipak, the famous lawyer in singapore, also say there is nothing to be worried about. So why worry and over stress himself? I m just gonna shut up and sit back to see what happens tomorrow after the court session la. Le sigh.

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