Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a day i had yesterday! I was emo over my misplaced of phone and over him. So Small Cow suggested we have steamboat for dinner knowing very well that i love steamboat! :D

Daph and her new found PLU friend, Fione, joined us as well and we had superb steamboat sessions with a lot of laughing and teasing each other :D after a very extremely full session, we went over to Small Cow's house at SS19 to look see look see at the renovation. After that, we went over to Daph's place to hang out coz we were too full to think of what to do next and it was only 9something! :D After sending Fione to her car, we decided to drive out to Putrajaya instead as we were in the mood of speeding :D on the way there, we were listening radio and we heard "Zui Jing" by Lee Sheng Jie (vid below) and started to singing along.

And we were thinking, eh, why not just go karaoke la?? It's therapeutic also mah... Since we were already in Puchong area, we decided to just go Neway in Puchong. Bad bad bad move! The receptionist, Jeccy is so damn rude! She not only gave us muka cibai, she was acting like we are disturbing her work by asking more details on her charges and the intonation she used is as if like we cannot afford it! Daph got so pissed, she actually complained immediately to the manager and told Jeccy up at her face her service sucked. That was sort of an eye opener for both Small Cow and i coz the Daph we know is always so sweet, soft and demure. Suddenly see her naik angin and so aggressive! We were practically :O :O :O the whole way :P So we decided it's not worth paying Neway for such sucky service. And we decided to go back to Subang and went to Newbox at USJ19 mall.

The service there is really good, really cheap (half price of Neway) but the sound system abit the off la. Which is still ok for us, coz we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. We laughed so much last night coz Daph decided to be crazy and choose hokkien songs!!! lol! it was sooooo funny! i like this place coz this is the ONLY karaoke that has Love, Me by Colin Raye (cover version below - the original is much better! :D)! I love love love this song! :D

And they have the Innuendo's version of Belaian Jiwa! :D Here are some of the songs that we sang last nite :D

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