Tuesday, March 22, 2011


... is the 1st reaction i have when i read this newspaper report:

Family of murdered contractor sees red

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of missing contractor Wong Fook Onn, who was found murdered on Sunday, is upset with police investigations into the case.

Wong had been missing since March 14 and his family began a search for him after lodging a police report in Subang Jaya the following day.

“We did not hear anything from the police for a few days, so I decided to do my own investigation last Friday,” Wong’s father Kim Sai told a press conference at Wisma MCA here yesterday.

“I used a spare remote control we had for my son’s blue Proton Saga that he drove to locate the missing car,” he said.

“I was driving around Taman Medan, off Old Klang Road, and by pressing the remote control found the car after its alarm went off.”

The car was found just before midnight, but he did not touch the vehicle as it was a police case.

“However, when I called the police officer assigned to my son’s case, he told me to drive the car home,” he said.

MCA Public Services and Com­plaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong, who held the press conference, said that Kim Sai refused, and spent the night by the car to ensure the evidence was untouched.

“How could he drive his son’s car home when this was a case under investigation? The police should have done a better job,” Chong said.

A police unit came at noon the next day to inspect the car and tow it away.

On Sunday, the family was alerted by a Sin Chew Daily reporter that a body was found in an abandoned house near the car. The description of the body matched that of Wong.

Kim Sai said the last person who was with Wong is believed to be a foreign worker hired for some construction work. The family could not trace the worker.

Yesterday, the family collected Wong’s remains from the Uni­versiti Hospital mortuary.

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said a forensic team had checked the car for evidence and returned it to the family.

I think hor, our Malaysian police needs to watch more CSI la. i mean, i know la, they are too stupid to really study those forensic investigation shit and their brains are not functioning fast enough, so at least la watch all the CSIs seasons la! even i also know a little bit about investigations after watching 5 fucking seasons of CSI: NY. damn fucking cipet leh! ada kepatutan ask the father to drive the fucking car away????

This reminded of the stand up comedy that minger went to watch last year. Harith Iskandar was making fun of the Malaysian CSI unit.

Scene from CSI: NY

CSI team combed the whole area and found a strand of blue string and put into the evidence bag and go thru all possible database and see who has bought these type of yarn recently from where.

Scene from CSI Malaysia:

CSI team combed the whole are and found a strand of blue string and went "Oh! tali biru!" and throws it away

:P :P :P

so damn true!!

Another one:

Scene from CSI: NY

CSI team found some tyre tracks. started to take photos of the tyre tracks and trace the tracks.

Scene from CSI Malaysia

Police just drive into the crime scene and drove over the tyre tracks

:D :D :D :D

it's funny but yet it's so damn fucking true! The police here are just sitting there getting fat and doing nothing!!