Tuesday, March 22, 2011

further to my rant below, lemme tell you something that happened to my office recently :D

about 6 months ago, my new colleague (who was with us for a mere 2 weeks) got her Honda CRV stolen just right below my office. anyway, it was weird la... we went out lunch with her driving, arrive office around 2.15pm. Then boss came back at around 4something. when the colleague left at around 8something, her car is no longer there! instead, the parking lot was taken over by boss' BMW! :O meaning to say, her CRV was stolen in a mere 2hrs!

So anyway, last Thursday, another colleague's car got stolen. This time a Waja. And the thief left their laopok (prolly stolen) honda accord behind. that colleague hasnt come to office since then coz she doesnt have any means of transportation! she quite the kesian also one.... aih... anyway, today, when we went out for lunch, we saw a group of guys fiddling with the laopok car. they claimed to be from the police force la... but they dont look like police at all! but then again, even if they are the police, i think they will just take the car away and dunno do what to it la... doubt they will even solve the case!

yes, i do not have any confident in our police force or any other government agencies at all :P

look at my boss' missing in the sea incident. activated everyone but cannot find my boss, instead it's a fishing trawler that found them. and then, they took all the credits by claiming that they are the one who found my boss! ish ish ish...

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