Tuesday, March 22, 2011


papa cow just called me to update me on the court case. pretty dramatic... like some kinda TVB drama series!

and my over active mind threw some questions - unnecessary questions - which makes papa cow more agitated. my bad. i know... but i cant help thinking of those dramatic scenario! :P like how reliable is that Ms Wong and Ah Piao (my dad's staffs)? what if that asshole bribe them to turn around and bite papa cow??? just like TVB drama! :P but no la.... i dont think so la... altho i dont like Ms Wong and i dont trust her the moment i met her, but i think she is not that stupid la..... *i think*

anyway, will most likely be making a trip to the High Court in Muar sometime in May. Must be a good daughter also ma.... gonna give him moral support and i wanna see that asshole's face also!!! maybe i get to spit on the asshole! *ptui* funny, how after all these years, i've not seen that asshole's face before. but i've heard so much about him i can imagine how fucking yong sui he is lor!!! he is like a fucking 打不死的蟑螂!! (ta bu si de zhang lang!!) - erm... loosely translated as cockroach that will not die no matter how we beat it!

on a lighter note, i am gonna stock up on otak otak!! wee!!! :D if sempat la.. :D

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