Friday, August 28, 2009

Real update - i hope :D

this is an attempt to somewhat blog properly.... :D

this is what has been occupying me (besides work)

yea... i can work and play at the same time coz there's alot of time waiting for the next crime to happen :D


went to Sentul the other night as a favour to linda and at the same time play with Baby Chanel. But in the end, we ended up taking some pic (pls forgive the grainy and blur pic coz camera and photographer lousy :P)

went to Allan kor-kor's house and he told us that every year on NYE his flat has the best view of fireworks coz hor, can see fireworks from Titiwangsa, KLCC, KL Tower and Bukit Bintang.... *mental note to self - must try to go there to see for myself :D*


Conversation with Lady Boss last nite over BKT dinner:

Lady Boss: what are you doing this weekend?
Me: Company trip to A'Formosa, Mlk
Lady Boss: ha? whose company?
Me: My dad and i lor....
Lady Boss: oh... wanna go Jakarta?
Me: ok!
Lady Boss: ........
Lady Boss: wah... no need to ask for what one ah? wanna sell you off damn easy hor?
Me: aiyah, i trust you ma :D so why ah?
Lady Boss: deliver urgent parcel
Me: ok! on! when?
Lady Boss: if go, it's this Saturday night or Sunday. Deliver on Monday, then fly back on Monday.
Me: ok!
Lady Boss: let me confirm with the customer again

:D yea, guess who might be going to JKT this weekend? :D I hope to meet up with Babi and Ibu la :D


Eirene is hospitalized. and i dont know what happened :( kinda worried too :( i really really really hope she will get well soon lor....


oh... being the lunar 7th mth and all. i m kinda freaked out. something freaky happened to Baby Chanel after the parents brought her go swimming one night. on the next 3 nights, between 12am - 2am, she kept on screaming and wailing and look at the same direction (window) and tried to open the curtain. anyway, the parents has done some prayers and now all's good now la. but i dengar the story alre, i bulu remang and started to over imagine.

last night couldnt sleep coz i kept hearing my door got ppl keep on knocking and the stray dogs howling..... =.="


ok. this is my blog attempt. can or not? going off for lunch now.

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