Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i think i should just shut down this blog completely la.... or at least till i've ranked till First Lady or sumthing :P

anyway, what happened lately?

erm... nothing much... erm... i think i went karaoke one of the night last weekend. then i think i drank my own version of Hedonism (pear vodka + apple juice + lime juice) but i was too malas to get lime to squeeze so i just mixed the pear vodka with apple juice :D. and i think i drank too much :D

then i was holed up in my room the whole weekend watching Weeds. omg. damn nice la :D makes me wish that i have some weeds :D

oh yea. i forgotten. i m suppose to be clean alre. :P

so anyway, really nothing to blog leh. so hor... yea... liddat lor...

but hor... the funny thing is, the past few weeks there has been numerous time where something funny or interesting happened and i found myself telling myself, must remember to blog 'em. but being cursed with a memory of a goldfish, i dont remember what happened anymore :(

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