Friday, August 21, 2009

silly things that big cow does

ya la... i've concluded la... seems like i need to do at least 1 silly stunt unintentionally per day only can one.

wednesday, went to pyramid to watch GI JOE (fucking good wei!) and went to SinMa to get my 'kiap kiap'. was looking high and low for my kiap kiap, cant seems to find it... then suddenly minger called me and as i look down to get my phone from my bag, voila! the kiap kiaps are right in front of my eyes and i answered the phone saying: "Thank you for calling me, i've found the kiap kiaps!" and Minger went: "what?? you sound like some call center! :P"

so anyway, minger titip me to get kiap kiap for her too so i was looking for the kiap kiap that she want, and the sales girl come to assist me. i went and ask her where is the kiap kiap that minger want and (surprise! surprise!) it's right in front of me! =.=" what to do, mata sepet mah... cannot see properly :P

anyway, so the sales assistance was standing next to me whilst i was looking at the kiap kiap, then i saw this mini little kiap kiap that's soooo damn cute and i went: "eeeyooooooooooo why you soooooooooo cute one????" =.=" yes, i did that and yes, i talk to objects. and yes, i felt embarrassed after that coz the sales girl look at me one kind :(

last nite. i think i did something stupid. but i forgotten.

today i did something stupid too... you see, i m crazy over Omerta, right? So anyway, there's this Mega Organised Crime (MOC) which every gangster with the rank of Assassin and above can do every 3 days. And there is this Organised Crime (OC) that every gangster from the rank of Thief onwards can do every 12hrs and Heist, every gangster from the rank of Shoplifter and above can do every 3hrs.

So anyway, i went into the chatting channel to look for OC partners and suddenly i saw this gangster looking for more gangsters for an MOC and dengan rakusnya i faster join his channel and ask him if i can participate or not la. so ding dong a few minutes with him asking me a lot of n00b questions, i fed up and joined another group that are organizing another MOC as well. Ding dong a few more minutes only i realized..... shit. i am still hot from the previous MOC and the next time i can do MOC is 9hrs later =.="


9hrs later..

ok... been leaving this entry idling for 9hrs... too busy. will cont next time :D

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