Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the long weekend was superb :D

Saturday, 29th August 2009

Went 1u with Minger to, erm, do silly stuffs. walked and bought some stuffs and went back feeling exhausted.

watched a few episodes of Weeds and drank my own concoction of Orange Martini (wanna make it sound glamour sikit :P) - Absolut Vodka Mandarin + Orange Juice :P

Sunday, 30th August 2009

forgotten what time i woke up. watch a few more episode of Weeds. Then Small Cow come fetch us up for steamboat dinner at Kuchai Lama. over ordered, over ate :P

After that, since i've totally forgotten to tell Small Cow not to 'pan leng leng' coz i and Minger wasnt really in the mood alre, but then saw Small Cow 'pan leng leng' already macam backside itchy already coz asked Small Cow to send us back so that we can pan leng leng to go drink. damn hiao, i know :D but we had loads of fun. me especially :D

After drinking, we went to SS2 to konon-nya wanna get DVDs la... but see see close alre... then since Minger is too tired, we dropped her off 1st then headed to Alor coz konon-nya i wanted to eat something la... then see see, sampai there, i got very very bad migraine so Small Cow turn back and send me home. damn stupid, i know :P but then again, 1 day dont do stupid thing for Big Cow is like not being Big Cow like that :P

Monday, 31st August 2009

woke up dunno what time. called Minger to ask if she wanna eat or not not. she was still sleeping. so i told her to call me when she wake up la. tried to sleep back but cannot so continue with my Weeds series. then dunno what time Minger called me and told me that she needs to go 1u again. ok lor. mah go lor.... i needed to get some stuffs also anyway :D so off we went. shopping. walking. and more walking. we went to Chilli's (i sort of erm... wanted to drink somemore... no, i m NOT an alcoholic :P). but we ended up not drinking la... :D but we over ordered again. i seriously thought it's really ok, i mean we shared a mashed potato, fish n chips & some wings. But still over ordered wor! we almost died eating la... oh wait, we had some churros before we went to Chilli's :P oh oh... saw MF and his gf. but they macam in a hurry to go somewhere so i didnt go and say hi. and i m not the type who say hi to ppl in public places :P yes, i m an anti social :D

so anyway, we were walking around 1u. New Wing to Old Wing the other end back to New Wing. the old wing was a mistake. Minger ter-remember the shop that we wanted to go is still in Old Wing the other end. So we went all the way to Old Wing the other end only to see the shop werent there anymore. checked on the directory to see that it's in new wing and we actually passed it a coupla times. =.=" smart hor? :D

yea, we shop shop shop, without taking a break or sit down (i usually sit alot and walk very little when go shopping. meaning to say, when others look at clothes and since i definitely cannot find my size, i will just sit somewhere and give opinion, or sit near the dressing room... basically sit a lot la :D).

anyway, i m paying for all the walking right now... whole body aching :P

okie.... i think this is a decent piece of blog entry..... so yea, back to ranking @ omerta! :D

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