Friday, June 5, 2009


... was an emotional roller coaster day for me. but in a good way actually :D

1st(down), i'm still pissed with small cow for being pissed with me for being pissed with her for being pissed with me for being pissed with her.... anyways, it's complicated.

2nd(up), found a fling

3rd(confused), MF added me in FB

4th (shocked & sad), found out that my ex form teacher's son, JJ passed away. We got history with JJ one. damn silly highschool days history la... but overall, dont think he is a nice person. Just feel sad for my teacher, that's all

5th(up up!), Fai and Minger @ Minger's FB :P

and............ the best of it all.....

6th (super up), Mr Pedestal, yup, that guy whom i've always put high up on the pedestal whom we have not spoken in like more than 10 years whom whenever i hear his name or see his name or see him, my heart goes beepopbeepopbeepop, whom, due to my silly antics during schooling days is avoiding me like mad.... SEND ME A FUCKING MESSAGE IN FB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i fell asleep with a big smile on my face.

but.... i had a very disturbing dream.

i dont really remember much of it, i know the gist of it was i came back late, my mom got angry and she dragged me to the street and caned me till i was half dead. which honestly speaking, i believe my mom will do that in real life when she is pissed enough.... i think i m psychologically scarred for life from my mom's craziness la...

ok. that's too depressing.

let's talk about MF a lil bit. i realized i m really in love with him coz even with Mr Pedestal sending me a msg, MF is the 1st person whom i wanna share this happy news with. not to gloat or anything, he is just the 1st person i think of when i have something happy to share. but of coz i didnt contact him la! as it is, my asshole got a lot of worms already. dont need to stuff more in :x

oh oh... remember i told you before, i m a social retard? as in like in social gatherings, i will always feel awkward and dont know what to say or do? welp, i was suppose to sign the condolences guestbook for JJ, but i dont know what to write or say leh... i seriously think i am fucked up socially :(

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