Thursday, June 4, 2009

Minger's fai friend...

Minger woke up feeling much much better than yesterday! (almost) All the pain in her body due to the fall is gone \o/

文博 at 1:15pm June 4
okay bo?

Minger at 5:13pm June 4
okay now :D

文博 at 5:16pm June 4
i got tiger balm "man kam you"....wan?

Minger at 5:21pm June 4
Wah I go shop buy also easier than you bring to me la

文博 at 5:22pm June 4
hahaha...u think tiger balm can help ah???

Big Cow at 5:26pm June 4
erm... i kaypoh abit... Fai, if tiger balm cannot help, why u offer her la?

文博 at 5:27pm June 4
haha..y u always suddenly pop out...........

coz me always 9 5 dap 8...

Minger at 5:28pm June 4
cause he is Fai....... things that cannot help, he won't offer :p

文博 at 5:29pm June 4
u wrong la....i offer things that cant help..... things help i wont....

Big Cow at 5:30pm June 4
i always suddenly pop up coz Fai always say funny things.... what is 9 5 dap 8 ah?

Minger: you have a very unique friend la :P

Minger at 5:31pm June 4
errr.. you are right, I confused myself..... that's exactly what I meant

文博 at 5:34pm June 4
9 5 dap 8. u dunno ah? min, pls explain.......

I dont want b unique..... y dun say; Minger very unique to hav fai as

Minger at 5:34pm June 4
9 doesn't connect to 8 (something like that)

Minger at 5:37pm June 4
She already knows I'm unique :p

Big Cow at 5:39pm June 4
ok, i m confused.....

anyway, Fai, anyone told you, you are uniquely 'fai' before? :P

文博 at 5:40pm June 4
they used "super" or call me "SEI JIN YAN"....... T_T

Big Cow at 5:44pm June 4
lol.... i shall be a lil polite and label u as uniquely 'fai' Fai :P

文博 at 5:45pm June 4
i afraid u will regret....

Minger at 5:47pm June 4
I agree with Fai.....

Big Cow at 5:47pm June 4
Minger: will i regret being polite to your friend, Fai?

yea. actually i can foresee myself vomit blood

Big Cow at 5:47pm June 4
ok, Sei Jin Yan it is then

文博 at 5:49pm June 4
dun called my full name....

Big Cow at 5:49pm June 4
ok, mr sei aka jin yan :D

文博 at 5:54pm June 4

Big Cow at 5:55pm June 4
wtf is that ah? :P

文博 at 5:56pm June 4
hahaha...juz for fun coz i dunno wat to response u...........

Big Cow at 5:57pm June 4

Minger at 5:57pm June 4
LOL Fai with a flower on his head.... hahahahaha...... so girl ah you :p

文博 at 5:58pm June 4
yer~~~ hou sui ger~~~

Big Cow at 6:00pm June 4
ROFL.... wei... at this rate this is going, i will not be able to log out and finish my work la :P

keep on getting email notifications from FB telling me:

文博 also commented on Minger's status. & Minger also commented on her status....

and i m too kaypoh to not see :P

文博 at 6:04pm June 4
文博 12; BC 10; Min 8

Minger at 6:05pm June 4
hahahahahaha........... Fai: I'll call you Ah Moon, ok? :p

文博 at 6:06pm June 4
my name is 文博

Big Cow at 6:07pm June 4
Moon Moon~~~~~~~~~~

Minger at 6:07pm June 4
文文 lor.... :p

Minger at 6:09pm June 4
OMG, Big Cow! So xin li xiang tong one? :p

文博 at 6:09pm June 4
yer~~~~~ BCMG bully me....

Minger at 6:11pm June 4

Big Cow at 6:11pm June 4
LOL! Minger, arent we both always do that? ;)

Big Cow at 6:13pm June 4
Moon Moon~~~~~ got pweety pweety flower on Moon Moon's head worrrrrrr....... :x

Minger at 6:14pm June 4
eh this thingie (comments) is getting too long la... My whole page full!!

文博 at 6:15pm June 4
huhu~~~~~~~~~~ T_T

Big Cow at 6:16pm June 4
rofl... this is like the most happening comment la :P

文博 at 6:16pm June 4
文博 16; BC 13; Min 13

文博 at 6:17pm June 4
文博 16; BC 14; Min 13

Big Cow at 6:18pm June 4
Moon Moon, you nothing better to do ah? keeping track :P

文博 at 6:19pm June 4
文博 16; BC 15; Min 13

u go count oso????? hahaha....

Big Cow at 6:21pm June 4
rofl, nvm, u counting on our behalf alre :P

Minger at 6:23pm June 4

文博 at 6:24pm June 4
文博 16; BC 16; Min 13
i think u did it

文博 at 6:25pm June 4
文博 16; BC 16; Min 14

Dun faint...otherwise u need tiger balm again (back to main title after a long trip)

Minger at 6:27pm June 4
hahahahahahah eh, you 16 so long, u didn't add ur own onw (cheating!!!)

文博 at 6:27pm June 4
文博 16; BC 16; Min 15

Hahaha..... rahsia sudah terbongkar!

Big Cow at 6:32pm June 4
rofl, no wonder he keep on "counting" la... :P

文博 22; BC 17; Min 15

Big Cow at 6:33pm June 4
and the winner is...............


*clap clap clap*... Read More

speech!! speech!!! speech!! :D

文博 at 6:33pm June 4
Muaahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahhaahhahahaahahahahahahah.....laugh die me la...........

文博 at 6:34pm June 4
Big Cow at 6:33pm June 4
and the winner is...............

文博... Read More

*clap clap clap*... Read More

speech!! speech!!! speech!! :D

Big Cow at 6:39pm June 4
rofl, yep, this Moon Moon is REALLY fai :P

文博 at 6:41pm June 4
very the hungry energy fai liao.....
2 b continue......

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