Thursday, May 12, 2011

another round of mental diarrhea

been a long time since i last cooked for more than 1 person :D it was a nice feeling seeing the other party enjoying the food :D yes, i can cook fairly well ok? :D

i m getting more and more domesticated. and that is bad. given the fact that the other party is... erm.... not really available. =.="

cant believe we've known each other for almost 10yrs already :D time flies.

is this what i want?


on another note, my future lady boss started to give me assignments already. ya. she emailed me late night last night to source for hotels for the upcoming event. i am ok about it coz at least when i really start work, one part of the job will already be done :D i am still reading up on the products. tooooo wordy... toooooo wordy.... :P i foresee the hardest part is calling up ppl to participate the event. ppl who are super busy. aiyayayayaya...... what have i gotten myself into??

another source of worry is the acid attack. will be working in Bangsar and Bangsar is one of the place of attack. tiu. parking is also another issue.

but all these are minor concern. really. nothing beats getting outta this hell hole :D

MF is still an asshole. :D we exchanged emails the other day and he insulted me big time. which i lashed back at him. he reminded me how come i fell outta love with him.

he is like a fucking unstable time bomb. one moment he is so damn fucking sweet and nice and i got reminded of why i was so rakus about him and the next, he became so damn fucking obnoxious, i will to slap him a few times.

but i m seriously over him la. he still owes me money =.=" almost a year already.

Mr Unattainable is constantly in my mind and it sux. coz he is not attainable!!

why cant i get involve in a normal relationship?

Obelix is also kinda back in my life *blush* we are sort of planning a trip together. and yes, he is also unattainable. with kids.

see the bloody vicious cycle? why am i being like that?

i want to be domesticated leh. but why am i involved with ppl that i cant be domesticated with?

i wanna get married and have 2.5 kids :D*gasp* ya... me, married. kids. ya. how la? :(

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