Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've never really follow the hit series Sex and the City before even though back then, everyone was raving about it - not by choice, but under practical circumstances like no Astro, no pc / internet & not bothered. After watching 2 of the movies, Minger (who has the same plight as me) and I lamented how great it is if we can get all complete 6 seasons!! Welp, our wish came true!! About a month ago when boss was in Shanghai, he called Lady Boss to ask what shows she wants since it's fucking cheap there. She placed order and asked me if I want anything or not. I immediately say Sex and the City and Gossip Girl :D and he bought! But Gossip Girl is a let down la coz wasn't complete season.

Anyways, I started watching it last nite after a cry fest (Taiwanese drama - Xia Yi Zan, Xin Fu aka Next Stop, Happiness aka Autumn's Concerto), I started watching and I can see what's all the rave about back then!! :D It was even nicer snuggling up with him!! :D I know, though, I am not allow to get used to this.... Aih....

Oh well, we only live once, just go with the flow and enjoy the ride as much as possible la ;-)

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