Friday, June 18, 2010


Redbabe and I went over to Singapore to attend Jeff's wake on Wednesday. it was an impromptu thingie. we took the 5.30pm flight over to Changi and then took the 11pm flight back to LCCT. it was pretty exhausting for me coz i totally forgotten we need to walk alot in Singapore. But it's all good. at least i get to bid him farewell for the last time.

i've stopped going into Facebook for awhile. it's pretty depressing see friends leaving condolences on his wall. he is a good guy.

i was lamenting to Redbabe the other day. How come nice ppl die young and bad ppl (like that stupid serial cab rapist) havent drop dead yet?

i do not have many recent memories of Jeff as the last time i saw him was CNY 2009 and that also a brief encounter at a restaurant. before that, it was sometime end of 2008 before Jading left for Shanghai.

My memories of Jeff were mostly our secondary school days and that is also fading from me. i dont wanna sound like a hypocrite on how close we were coz that was 17yrs ago and things has changed. but i do know that he is a nice guy from the brief encounters we have had in that 17yrs after school.

he will still be missed by me. and i am still sorry for being a bitch to him. i apologized to him that nite when i was at his wake and i hope he knows i am sorry.

his passing has been a wake up call to me. i've made peace with my family and i've sent sms to ppl that i care to apologize (but no one reply me - which i am not gonna pursue coz i've done my part and it's up to them now)

as for my master plan. it's down in the drain. cannot la... i've realized i've not live enough yet. i am building a longer bucket list to fulfill.

kong kong suffered another 2 mild strokes on wednesday and got hospitalized. he has a new accessory on him now - a tube thru his nose for feeding. he is now solely on liquid diet. he has lost all the joys in his life and i seriously wonder if he wish is dead or something.

no, i m not being mean/evil/bitchy. he is a man of super ego. i m pretty sure he is very miserable now. i m just wondering if he secretly wish he is dead or something.

was making plans to drive back to visit him, but murphy's condition is not so optimistic as well. need to send him to hospital before i can decided anything.

i will be making a trip back to kluang anyway on the 1st weekend of july for the MOAR thingie. yes, i really am trying to make peace.

i m exhausted. really seriously exhausted. i just wish to sleep for a long long long long time.

brain aint working that well due to the lack of sleep. i shall end here now.

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