Friday, June 18, 2010

McDonald's in Heaven

had another weird dream this morning. I dreamt that Lady Boss and i were both on the way to the heaven gate somewhere in Shah Alam. the gate was visible on my 3 o'clock and on my 12 o'clock was the wall to enter heaven. beyond the wall i saw this huge ass McDonald's drive thru which is all golden in color. and i remember exclaiming, "wah... here also got McD!" and so we turn to our 3 o'clock to look at the gate to heaven. and i asked my Lady Boss if we wanna go thru or not. she said no and we should turn around and turn around we did. then i woke up.


the good news is, minger and small cow when u guys are old and finally died and gone to heaven, you can still get your happy food there :"D

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