Monday, June 28, 2010

wow... 10 days without any posts.... not really abandoning this blog... more like no time to update at all.

work is really really busy. in fact, i am suppose to work now but i just cannot concentrate anymore.

going back for the MOAR 2010 this Friday and i m seriously really looking forward to it :D omg all the food! We are leaving KL at 5am just so that we have more time to cramp in more food... lol! seriously! :D

my generations will only arrive on Saturday. But my aunties and uncles' generation will be arriving as early as Thursday. It will be fun listening to them reminiscing the good old days which is usually peppered with silly things that that did when they were younger :D

went happy hours with the girls last saturday after work coz someone needed to train her drinking. but damn fail la... she got drunk and silly and high with just half a glass of margarita =.=" and we ended up going home damn early. 11ish 12ish.

found another cheap and super good japanese restaurant in uptown. cant wait to go again :D Bye Bye Hokano. See la... always close, now i found another one, i wont go back to you again - unless that one close and u are open la :P

i seriously have nothing much to update. all i know is i've been fucking busy at work. better get back to work.

see if i have time to update from kluang or not la.. :D

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