Monday, June 28, 2010


omg... i cannot stand her... i cannot stand her... i cannot stand her... i cannot stand her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. the world does not revolves around you! bitch!
2. please stop being so damn fucking perasan that other ppl cant wait to hang out with you! coz i dont think any logical sane person would wanna hang out with you since all you ever talk about is you, you you you you and ur daughter and ur son and ur husband. we dont really give a flying fuck!
3. stop being so damn fucking narrow minded and judgemental! who the fuck are you to actually judge other ppl's life???
4. stop pretending to be a good friend when you jump at every single fucking chance to bitch about your 'good friend'!
5. stop acting like so fucking high and mighty can or not????? omg! u should fucking listen to yourself or look in the mirror wei! what kinda fucking friend are you??? who the fuck do u think u are to kesian someone and tell ppl that she has no life and no friends???

seriously. she is such a stupid perasan bitch!


  1. hahahahaha..... u speaks my sentiment though we may not meant the same person...lols

  2. lol... i am quite sure you do not know this bitch of mine ;) and it's a blessing that you do not know her! :D