Friday, April 24, 2009

u know what? being a natural paranoid and suspicious bitch that i m, i suspect he found my blog :D but then again, using logic, i doubt he did.... coz hor, i asked him before if he reads blogs and he told me no coz it's a waste of time and since he is like married to his work, he where got time to come snooping around? hmmmm.....

ignorance is bliss.... i shall choose to believe he doesnt read my blog :D so that i can still gush and oooh and ahh over him... hahahahahahahahaahah

it's funny how human behaves when they found out another party is in love with them. :D last nite djdoof of omerta (i havent blog about omerta before, have i? :P) confessed his feelings for me. and i reacted by: hahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahah

=.=" yea... i did that. i find that funny coz he is like fucking 11 yrs younger than me and he is in fucking Netherlands! lol. but he is fun to chat with la... :D and he was a fucking good buster :D

anyway, after a good laugh, i said this:

Big Cow: you do know that we are worlds apart, right?
Djdoof: yep
Big Cow: you do know that i am MUCH older than you, right?
Djdoof: yep
Big Cow: you do know that nothing will ever comes out between us, right?
Djdoof: yep
Big Cow: ok. just checking :D

he is still a sweetie la :D and i dont wanna lose a friendship just coz he likes me. lol

but that's how i think. what about MF? what happens now? i dont know.

anyway, change subject abit.... i wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Small Cow for helping me collect my prize from Nuffnang yesterday :D w00t! she is gonna pass it to LM today and tonite, i am gonna play with my make ups! lol...

oh oh... i dreamt about MF again last nite. i need to be cured of MF-istist!!! pronto!!! i feel like i m losing myself and identity just becoz i m so damn fuckig in love with him! le sigh.....

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