Saturday, April 25, 2009

hmmm.... where to start?

current song that is on repeated mode: Beautiful Sunday (ok, i m actually sick of it after playing it for about 50 times :P)

i've got lots in my mind actually. i just dont know where to start. and i dont know once i start it, am i able to self censored myself to avoid hurting ppl. :P

so lemme start with the bitch in the office 1st. i seriously find her fucking annoying. i hate her know it all attitude when there are countless times she has proven to the whole fucking world that she is wrong. and yet dengan tak tau malu-nya she still does that. seriously, it irks me a hell lot!

finger - i rest my case with that fella. everyday also make my blood boil. i think ppl around me are seriously since and tired of me bitching about Finger all the time. but still..... sigh....

oh oh oh... my adsense account finally got approved. can u guys please support by clicking? pls? pretty pls? :P

oh oh oh... we all were suppose to go Banting today for Beggar's Chicken. but last minute, we cancelled it. coz ms know it all decided on our behalf by booking the food for 4pm. and then tells us that we only have 1 hour to eat coz the place rest from 5pm to 6pm. btw, ms know it all never been there before. so upon hearing that, alot of ppl pull out coz they feel that it's fucking stupid to drive there for 1 hour, makan 1 hour, then have to leave. also, boss and lady boss is going to SG today.... damn envious ok?? coz they will be watching CATS the musical :( so the other nite, boss was bising-ing la... saying that it's silly to drive 1 hr there to makan for 1 hr then do what? i told him can go Morib to fly kite :P but true also la... then boss gave ALOT of opinion and suggestions... and then lady boss and i look at each other and then i cannot tahan anymore and i asked him: You say so much, u going meh if we change plan?? and then boss sheepishly say: no ah... =.=" yea, my boss :D seriously, i think boss and lady boss is the only sane and normal people in this office. the rest? sigh... i dunno la... Mr. S is getting better tho... i havent have any fights with him for ages. which is a good thing, mind u!

social wise, Small Cow is still being Small Cow. blur and cute.. and oh oh oh... go read her blog. she helped me collect my prize alre... last nite i was playing around with my prize... damn tempted to start putting on make-up... but then again, it's stupid la... so maybe today when i balik i will put and then knowing me, i will backside itchy go out la... since alre put make-up, might as well go out rite? :P

LM is increasingly getting more and more unhappy with her job. and i fully understand why. her company's management is seriously the most ridiculous and illogical bunch of morons ever :D

MF - i've decided to give up (i know i know... i've said that like countless times alre... :P) but aint gonna contact him for sometime. i think i can do it :D gambate Big Cow! :D


but hor... if i monday got blog about how wonderful the weekend is with MF, that means i failed la... :P but i will still give up on him la. no point :D

Oh, as for project 365 - aku dah malas la :D

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