Thursday, April 23, 2009


...confirm liao. i am crazy. so, i havent really been that rakus about MF for the past 24hrs or so coz i finally cool down my hots by not be in contact with him. then today, me being backside itchy, emailed him, and we exchanged about 20 emails or so.... and i..err..... yea... so now i m like pining over him again.... damn cham, right?

but i guess i m more of an out of sight out of mind kinda person. so i guess to completely recover from MF-istist (yea, it's a new disease, the symptom consist of thinking about MF every single waking hours of your life, a simple sms/email from MF (such as: yes) makes your heart burst into happiness, a non reply of sms/email from MF makes you have self doubts and hate yourself, just one look at MF makes you suddenly feel like the world is so beautiful, a smile from MF makes u stunned and fumbled and dont know what to say.... these are amongst the few symptoms. if you have it, join the club :D) is to just stop contacting him. but susah wor.... i just get pulled to him all the time. he is just sooooooooooooooo erm.... perfect? :P oh, did i tell you? he is also a gentleman :D he is really really 'xi xin' - er... what's that in english alre ah? :P - the only thing so far i've not seen him do is open the door for me :P but i am quite sure he does that too :P

omg.... i feverish with MF-istist! help!

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