Friday, July 22, 2011

when cooker goes on strike....

"Cooker" aka me is on strike indefinitely coz it's actually pretty tiring. My initial plan was to have dinner with small cow or just go home makan instant noodles and call it a night. Coz I really need to catch up on my sleep.


The out of ordinary event started during lunch when Mr Married called to inform he is around the neighbourhood and wanna buy me lunch. It's out of ordinary coz I've been eating in for so long, I dun really go out for lunch anymore :D

Next, Zia (a long time blogger friend... we go waaaaaayyy back in 2002 :D) ding dong ding dong (whatsapp) me to let me know she is in town and hope to meet and catch up. We were reminiscing the crazy times we had during her last visit (abt 7yrs back) and how she misses my jeruk mangga. So I told her I need to scout around for mango trees to steal some mangoes to do it for her (afterall, stolen fruits always taste better ma :D) we were joking and laughing like siao charboh. And made plans to meet up later last night to yumchar.

Then the next even happened just before I clocked out. Lady boss called to tell me that she was stuck in a jam and Sandy the Dog needs to clear her bladder soon if not she will have accident in the office. After getting detailed instructions from her, I realized I have no confident in executing the task well coz Sandy is really old and she can't cross the road properly anymore and I have to carry her across the main road to the housing area for her to do her business. Me? Carry dog? Cannot la. Play can la. Scratch can la. Belly rub can la. Carry, no la. So I enlisted MyColleagueIsSoOneKind to help and my task were to coax Sandy to pee like "Sandy... Jui jui lor... Shhhhhh.... Shhhhh.... Sandy.... Jui jui.... Shhhh.... Shhhhh" :p Anyways, the task was completed not long later coz Sandy really really needed to go. :D

On the way back to the office, we passed by a fruits shop and saw a lot of green mangoes. Bought some only I stupidly asked if it's sour. Nope, it's not. Then decided to pop by at the supermarket on the way home to get soy sauce and lime (improvise coz if it's sour mango, no need lime). After buying all these, I jammed all the way back only remember that the minimart near my house sells unripe mangoes! So I went over and got some. Came home immediately went on the task of crushing the cili padi with a fork only to remember I have pestle and mortar thingie. So I took the pestle to pounce on the cili quickly (rushing for time coz Small Cow and Sam-"I am not a LaLa"-son was on the way over to fetch me) and then.... Fucking accident happened!! The bloody cili padi juice splashed on my face and hand AND Sam-"I am not a LaLa"-son have to call me during the accident to tell me they were leaving MV alre and i was pretty rude to him over the phone plus the line was breaking up, i didnt really have the mood to be courteous :P. Fucking hell, the cili juice damn pedas lor!! I think I am disfigured alre *exegerating* So I quickly made the jeruk, put in a container and chill in the fridge. Planning to come home after dinner to collect the jeruk and meet ZiaHoay later :) Quickly went to take a quick shower to get rid of the cili sting.

Small cow and Sam came not long later. As usual, I am a fickle minded person. Suggested another location for dinner and we went to Kepong for Ka Ka BKT. Seriously very good!! :D towards the end of the dinner, Small Cow's friend came over to exchange car with her coz she wanted to modify more stuffs on her car. Immediately after we enter his car, we felt damn LaLa-fied wei! LOL!! Samson kept on muttering that he is not a LaLa. and he was lamenting how stressed he was sitting in the car coz he didnt know how to explain to ppl how un-lala he actually is. we went to pump petrol on that lala car and Sam asked Small Cow to tell the attendant that the car is not ours, we are not lala :P ya, he is pretty "fai" =.=" but funny. but i wont wanna hang out with him too often la... later i vomit blood :p And the music in the car also damn lala lor!! We laughed all the way back to his condo and before he left the car, I shouted "Bye! LaLa Chew!!" LOL. He was really embarrassed!! Hehehhehehe.

On the way back, small cow offer to bring me home to collect the jeruk mang to bring to MV to meet Zia coz i was really really tired by then. and that lala viva is really really stable lor! she drove at 140kmh and i didnt feel a thing!!! :D

Met Zia briefly and she reminded me of the crazy stuffs that i dragged her to do the last time she was here :P i brought her to go Ghost hunting with Ifer and we scare ourselves shitless when we saw something flew pass and we really thought it was a ghost but see see, it's just a bat =.=" and how we tried to go up the hill in murphy and murphy dont have much power and i say "Ok! everyone lean forward and lift your butts!" - coz my illogical mind really think that will help murphy to move forward :P after hugging and laughing for awhile, i told her i better get going as small cow was waiting in the car for me and i was really really really tired. i hope to see her again soon la :D I told her to lemme know way way in advance the next time she plan to fly over here coz i will need to scout around for mango trees to steal mangoes :D our plan is, she climb the tree coz as she phrase it: "I am still very tall! i can help to climb and steal mangoes!" and i will be shaking the tree trunks to shake the fruits down :P

Back in the car, i was replaying what Zia reminded me to Small Cow and i realized that i am really really really crazy and sampat when i have the right kaki to sampat with. when i am alone, i am a boring person. no doubt i have a lot of crazy ideas, but to find the "victims" to do crazy stunts with is damn hard lor :D

i really missed those good old days when i was younger and crazier. i also miss ifer coz she is one person who will always indulge in my crazy stints :D every time we suggest a crazy stint, we will definitely act on it. most of the time halfway thru the stint, we will be asking ourselves, "What the fuck are we doing here???" :p

Alas, things always happens for a reason. Am moving on :D

After sending the jeruk mang to Zia, we went back, smoked a bit and talked more and look at the lala car even more.... u wanna knw how wrong is the car? it's own by a straight guy, but it's full of Hello Kitty stickers!!! =.="" and a lot of bling blings and blink blinks! As Sam said, Christmas has come early! LOL!

When we were in the car, i felt the urge / compelled to do something unlalafying just to prove that i m not a lala as well. lol. i know how sam feel. and i am very sure small cow feels the same but she has no choice. lol.

when i went up the apt, i looked at the kitchen sink and i couldnt take it and washed up the stuffs that i didnt manage to wash after i did the jeruk mang. bathe. and when my head hit the pillow, i slept immediately. that was how tired i was.

i guess there is no point to plan to sleep early coz it never happens!! :P

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