Saturday, July 23, 2011

weird dream

Had a super weird dream just now. Dream that Small Cow, Water Dog and I were back in Kluang. My dad cooked stir fry beef for us (I've never tasted my dad's cooking in my life before - and I don't think he know how to cook :D) and whilst cooking, the cabinet on top of the stove caught tiny fire unprovoked. So we used the water sprayer for ironing clothes to spray and the fire went off.

During eating, it was revealed that we were having a meal before going for Bersih 3.0 rally. This is the weird part, somehow in my dream, KL and Kluang got mixed together. We were discussing if we should walk to Pudu coz apparently Kluang is so small, it's a short distance away. Then I got super disturbed coz I just can't remember, for the life of me, where is Pudu in Kluang!! -.-"" so weird! Anyway, brushing this aside, I was half hearted in going coz my dad was super worried and I was feeling super guilty for making my dad super worried. His words to me were: "You are old enough to think now. I cannot stop you from doing things that is upright. Just be careful!"

So Small Cow, Water Dog and I went to the room to change to our yellow bajus and I started to fret where to keep my IC and phone......

.....And my phone rang. Woke me up from the dream. It was my dad telling me that Mr & Mrs Kwan has been asking him a few times where is this nice noodles in Kluang Baru that their son has been asking them about coz their son, JW, saw it on my FB :p. So I told my dad: Pork Balls. And my dad went, oohhhhh... Say so earlier mah! You say pork balls everyone will know!

Err.. I guess I didn't state properly on FB then. My bad :D

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