Monday, July 25, 2011

human minds are weird. i am still trying to grasp the fact that some people are able to twist and turn a straightforward sentence to something totally opposite of the actually meaning of the sentence.

would really love to know what makes them think or interpreted that way. honestly.

for example if i say: the apple is red

they will interpret it as: the apple maybe red now, but it was green before that, hence, the apple is green. not red. OR what are you trying to say? is this a trick question? am i on candid camera??

i am still bewildered at the whole incident. really.... WTF??


  1. tell me about it man.....! I can't understand this either. And sometimes i thought i am the one with the problem. Lols.....i tell u, the twisting part is an art ok..... it really blows my mind off!

  2. ya!!! i wanna learn this art also!!! :D