Thursday, August 4, 2011

the littlest gesture..

... sets my heart aglow :D

Mr Married was around the neighbourhood and he called to tell me he is downstairs with my "favourite" rojak. not really my favourite actually :D just so happen whenever he do find me for lunch, i will be eating that :P

i was surprised. i mean usually he will come, call me and tell me he will be waiting for me for lunch. but today, since he is early and has an appointment elsewhere, he just went to the rojak stall to buy me rojak then only call me to ask me to go down and take it from him :D

it's a very sweet gesture. and i am having warm fuzzy feeling all over. dangerous. he is married afterall.

so i was eating the rojak in the pantry with the biggest smile on my face. :D it's the sweetest rojak ever :D the sour fruits? what sour? it's sweet! the savoury crackers? what savoury? it's sweet! the spicy sauce? what spicy? it's sweet! :D i m getting silly :D

and i was thinking, what if i didnt come to work today? what will he do with that packet of rojak? :D


  1. Will Mr. Married's wife be jealous knowing that he made a girl feels oh, so sweet yesterday?

  2. Redbabe, i broke it off last nite alre :P