Monday, May 24, 2010

Updates with pic!

contrary to what some of you believe, no, the lack of updates is not because i been kidnapped by that Psychotic Ex BF.

anyways, so much to blog about! :D Went to watch West Side Story on Saturday. It was an atas event, altho they didnt serve champagne (disappointed!) Anyway, being the kiasu us, we reached there super early. so early until the matinee show havent even end =.=" then that silly LM suggested we go to PWTC to look see look see the dunno what beauty fair. we went there, it was damn empty... only to realized that the fair is actually at KLCC =.=" and since we have already parked the car, it's stupid to immediately leave coz we still have to pay the RM3.00 parking anyways. So we like so hai like that, went to the lobby and sat at the sofa and camwhore a bit. smoked a stick of ciggie, went to the toilet and then head back to Istana Budaya.

we were the 1st one to collect the ticket from the BMW counter. We each got a door gift containing a leather bound note pad, an original CD and program book :D They catered the food from Westin KL. Presentation wise nice la... but the taste, so so only. But we were damn full by the time we went down to watch the musical :D

RM 500.00 tix at a discounted price of RM338.00, FOC CD and Program Book at the retail price of RM80.00 is a great deal! :D

Some potato burger thingie (not nice) and honey glazed drummets (damn nice but super hard to eat when we need to pretend to be atas) these are the only food pic i took coz after that i kept the camera in the bag and too malas to take it out :D

The musical is really really impressive. I love the way they dance! So full of energy! I especially love the Dance at the gym scene and also the part where everyone came out and sang 3 different songs (i forgotten the scene - but i think it's the second half). It's damn hard to actually sing a song when there are 2 other groups of ppl singing other songs lor :D And Maria is really really pretty :D Drank too much drink during the cocktail session. so when the interval started, i rushed out to the toilet... thank goodness i rushed. coz when i came out from the toilet, the queue was damn long! :D was tempted to go back to the cocktail area to grab some drinks and snacks, but cannot la... later wanna pee how? :D

After the musical, we headed to PBD to look for the humble chef... but alas! he aint around :( We then headed over to Ronnie's place for his ROM party. But when we reach there, everyone left alre. too some courtesy snacks and catch up with Ronnie a bit and then balik. By the time we reach home it was alre 2ish 3.

Next morning, LM, Ah See and i went over to Sg. Buloh for the awesome dim sum. i was super hungry and whacked damn a lot :D actually, whacked too much la.. until we needed to go to TCM to walk walk abit to digest. after walking and stonning a bit, LM sent me home. Slept a bit then woke up to watch some dvd and then went out supper with the small cow.

and that, my kawan kawan, is why i was so busy over the weekend.

Oh oh... i found out i havent been updating a lot of pictures that i've taken eons ago. :P (mostly food tho)

Sometime in February, i've experimented in frying prawns and apparently the small cow and water dog loves it... here's the so called recipe:

You will need some ginger, onions, chili padi and curry leaves

Prawns! (duh!), removed the legs and de-veined it

1st, fry the ginger, onion, cili padi and curry leaves until fragrance. Then dump in the prawns. Fry until you are happy, add in the condiments like chinese cooking wine, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce and a dash of sugar.

Voila! Ya.. i know, a bit the too dark.. but it's damn yummy! :D

Then apparently, the next day, i cooked braised shitake mushroom with ming karn and served it with noodles....

fuck la... looking at this now makes me damn hungry... =.="

Then, one nite, cowie decided to turn halal and start wearing a tudung =.="

Kawan-kawan sekalian, this is Cowie Binti Lembu :D

Here's some pix of sunrise at Ruby's Resort, taken on the 1st day when we were fucking early.

Erm... ok, that's all the pics that i m willing to post :D


  1. impressive, you dumped everything (music, cooking and scenery) in one (1) long post ! wohoo !

  2. ya.... skaligus 1 post la... malas mah :D