Friday, May 21, 2010

the stalker story

i didnt really wanna talk about this pyscho EX boyfriend on my blog coz i really dont give a damn about him. but he has been a nuisance to me and i am kinda sick of it. at first i thought it's amusing and funny and i just let him be, but now he is getting extremely annoying.

1st incident was a couple of weekends back when Donny came over for dinner. After he left and before small cow came back from work, i received an sms from the psycho bf asking me how come i bring a guy home. and i told him off, i did not bring a guy home, he came over by himself xD (i know it doesnt make the situation any better, but i was merely stating the truth ma. Donny came over himself i did not bring him over ma)

So yea, i knew then he stalk on me. That was before i sent him the break up email.

so far what he has been doing is pretty harmless la. like leaving a tiny piece of paper in my letter box with the message: Why?? got this a few times and each time i just threw it away. i know he wanted to let me know that he is stalking me or he is near me.

then the other nite. he sort of went a little crazy. he came up to my apartment, sms-ed me to open the door and i told him to get lost. then he went downstairs and waited. then i saw him at the opposite block, 3rd flr corridor looking into my apartment thru the small room's window. so i closed the room's door. feeling unconfortable, i went out to meet small cow and we drove aimlessly until we decided to pop by daph's place to visit. it was nice catching up with daph and denise tho :D

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