Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the best team player

wow.... really wow.... what a great team players my colleagues are. especially Ms. PA. We are going to have a company trip in 2 weeks time and all tasks has been delegated to everyone as oppose to last year where Lady Boss and i did everything. Anyway, Ms PA, Ms Gan, Finger and 5cm were in charged of contributions from our suppliers. And so far 5cm & Finger has been getting a number of gifts from them. Ms Gan do not have any luck and as for Ms PA, we heard that she pushed everything to Ms Gan. wow #1. then just now, Ms. Know It All call for a meeting to see what is the status of everything. Ms PA made it a big show that she is extremely reluctant to join the meeting. And she was giving us the muka cibai the whole time. So i voiced out, like last year, we need to know the estimated contribution (if it's cash or voucher) so that we can get the $ from the Finance to go get the gifts first. And then she started to raised her voice at us saying: Then?? you want me to chase for gifts now issit??? Ms Know It All told her: No la, u pandai pandai talk la... you are good with talking mah and Ms PA went: That is my jobscope! Asking for contribution is not my jobscope! wow. wow#2

talk about being a team player eh? what kind of team mate is she? i m fucking disgusted with her. i mean like harlow? if you are so damn unhappy with it, then voice it out and tell boss herself that she dont wanna take this task. in front of bosses she enthusiastically told them Ok! no problem! you can always count on me! but behind the bosses it's totally different story. this is what i call a pure hypocrite!

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