Monday, May 17, 2010


i know time changes people. but i just cannot fathom how someone can change so drastically within the short span of 1 year.

then i started pondering... maybe all along she is like that.i mean we all know she is not the most logical person around, we all know that when she set her mind to something, she will do it, we all know that she is too superstitious for her own good. but i was too bias to acknowledge that without someone controlling her, she might go to the extreme - bias coz i did believe in her. these traits that i find annoying most of the times has been magnified beyond logic in just the span of 1 year. it's like her mindset has went out of control.

there's nothing we can do anything about. nothing at all. she is a close friend. but i cannot agree with her decision making, her way of thinking or her way of life. it is moralistically wrong (i m not trying to act like i m on moral high ground here. in fact, i m one of the most immoral person around.) for me to say that, it's really something.

maybe she has been sheltered way too much growing up and didnt have the chance to do what normal rebellious teenager do. that's why she is behaving this way. really, she is like an overgrown teenager now (almost entering 3rd decade of living on earth). she will overcome it. i know she will. everyone survives the teenage hood. she is just a slow boomer. so let it be. she is treading on danger ground now and as a normal teenager, when u ask them to not do it, they will rebel and do it more. so i m not even gonna try telling her anything. she will not be able to accept it anyway. as she said, she will listen, but that doesnt mean she will accept it. fine. let it be.

i m not giving excuses for her act. i m just letting go and trying my damn best to accept her decision making.

she has never been the most logical person i've known. her sense of logic is something that i struggle to understand for a long time. sometimes she is endearingly cute with the way of reasoning.

what i m trying to say here is, i m still deeply disturbed by your decision and your lifestyle but i am not gonna stop you or discourage you coz you are too stuborn to listen to advise when you choose not to listen. and since my thoughts is totally opposite of yours, you will definitely not want to hear me telling you anyway. just remember, this is your choice, if and when shit really did happened, please be prepare to bear the consequences and not blame it on fate or destiny. i can be your shoulder to cry upon if you need to but i will not be giving you any inputs. i know you will eventually read this post. and i do not mean it to be an offensive post.

for those of you who dont know what the fuck i m blabbering about, too bad. :D go read other post or go re-listen to that Talking Cock - Invasion Singapore post again :D i still find it really funny :D

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