Monday, May 17, 2010

Stupid? Guillible? *faced palm*

i dont know what else to say... read for yourself la...

The Electric New Paper :
Duped again?
Father of 7 kids maxed out credit cards and can't pay electricity bills after losing $50,000 in scams
In less than six months, Mr Ahmad has lost close to $50,000 to five Internet scams.
By Zubaidah Nazeer
16 May 2010

In less than six months, Mr Ahmad has lost close to $50,000 to five Internet scams.

But to this day, he is not fully convinced that he has been duped and is still hopeful that he will get some money back.

Meanwhile, his wife and seven children are in despair. They have repeatedly told him that the money is gone, but the 59-year-old technician just won't listen.

His wife even got the Malaysian police to talk to him, but nothing has worked so far.

As Mr Ahmad continues draining his savings from money disbursed from his CPF when he turned 55, his family watch helplessly as their bills go unpaid. He has lost almost $20,000 of his CPF.

They even had to put off plans of a pilgrimage to Mecca.

The sole breadwinner, who earns nearly $3,000 a month, has also maxed out his four credit cards, amounting to $24,000.

Relations are strained as Mr Ahmad believes his wife has turned his children, aged 15 to 27, against him. His eldest son was retrenched from his computer engineering job a year ago and has been unemployed since. His second child, a daughter, is working part-time while pursuing a degree and does not contribute to the family. His other children are still in school.

how come got ppl so stubornly stupid one??

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