Thursday, February 11, 2010


so here i m slogging away trying to clear all the backlogs before cny (no thanks to Mr. S), i chance upon something which disgust me.

u see, i do stalk on him on and off and today, to take a break from all those mind boggling numbers in the reports, i decided to stalk him again. and what i read disgust me. not him. but the post that was meant for her. apparently she has been trying to be friend friend with him so that she can bitch about her. But he, being the ever gentlemen told her to fuck off in a nicer way. Way to go J!

i've always have great respect for him sans his over emo-ness sometimes. but then again, she usually have the affect on ppl whom loves her way too much. Especially Virgos.

anyway, back to the disgust that i m feeling. what are YOU trying to prove/do ah? so, she dumps you. but it's ALL your fucking doing! she told you so many countless times she loves you, but NOOOOOOOOOO you let your own insecurities take over the relationship AND then BLAME her for not being able to take it and in the end dump you. There's only so many times a person can reassure another person how much she loves her. and everytime she has reassured you, you decided it's not enough and you NEED to milk more of it out of her. AND then, YOU turn around and play the victim card like a sad little puppy with it's tail between it's legs.

i m seriously fucking disgusted with you. you are too 'malu' to face us, her friend. whose doing is that?? YOURS! not hers at all! so fucking move on with your fucking life and stop being another psycho bitch in her life!


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