Wednesday, February 17, 2010

where to begin?

cny eve was spent watching Glee :D it's damn good la :D and i cooked. will do a recipe post when i feel like it.

cny 1st day, met the bosses and German agent for dinner. then went to take pix of klcc and kl tower. will post the pic when i m not to malas to transfer it to my pc. then brought the ang moh to makan durian and he actually loves it :D then went pub hopping @ Changkat Bt. Bintang and then to HRC then balik. it was damn funny how he lose in pool and boss started to call him by his feminine name. went home @ ard 3ish.

cny 2nd day, went to the nearby hypermarket and ter-walk off with some stuffs without paying. paid some, but not all =.=" and not intentionally. =.=" cooked some dished and soup and almost died. i am seriously useless in preparing the food to be cooked. watched Glee again with small cow till morning.

cny 3rd day. cooked. watched Glee. sleep.

cny 4th day. started work. war zone. i wanna die. =.="

end of updates. bye.

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