Monday, June 15, 2009

the weekend...

... that was damn eventful...

so anyway, after pizza making, was hanging out at auntie lisa's place watching tv and dvd (Music & Lyrics - again!!) till about 9ish, sms-ed MF. And sort of made plans for next Saturday. Erm... as i am a silly cow, and silly cows always do silly things, this silly cow actually sent a sort of love email to MF. i know, damn embarrassing, kan? but i really did. and i was curious la, have he read the email in the 1st place? so i asked him and he said no, so i told him to read it 1st before deciding whether still wanna meet on Saturday or not (this is so damn fucking high school right? even i also cannot stand myself :P)

anyway, after reaching home, decided to relax and continue to watch my Taiwanese drama... and then i also dunno how or why, i ended up calling small cow to talk. and small cow and i decided to meet up to continue to chat. by the time she arrive my place was already 11.45pm. and being the silly cows that we are, we ended up going to Red Box in Sunway to sing till 4am :D by the time i reach home and bathe and sleep, it was already 6am.

At ard 11am, Tony called and ask if i wanna go Genting with Baby Chanel and them. of coz want la... coz hor... i dont know when will i see Baby Chanel again :P but damn tiu lor... he asked me to get ready immediately, so i also like blur blur wake up, get ready and wait... and wait... and wait... and i called them at 1pm, they told me they were only just leaving Kota Kemuning (!!!) i could've slept for 1 more precious hour leh.... :P anyway, it's ok la, since we memang intend to check into the hotel (free room!), i figure, i will just crash in the room if i got too tired.

View from the room.... can hear ppl screaming all the time =.="

the comfortable bed.. :D

Baby Chanel fascinated with her mommy's slipper... the pic was taken before she decided that she really really really wish to taste her mommy's slipper (yea, she took a bite on it!) *faints*

After she has lost the tug of war for her mommy's slipper between her Auntie Jessica the Great (what? i AM the GREAT, ok? :P), she got fascinated by mirror's reflections :D

Genting - the weather was hot!! i was actually sweating buckets la... the room was damn nice (obviously newly renovated - coz i dont remember Resort Hotel being so classy :P), donated money to Uncle Lim's family... not much la... just played for the sake of playing. wasnt really in the mood to gamble also... Linda and i were baby sitting Chanel in the room most of the time talking about stuffs. no, i didnt sleep at all, eventho it's damn comfy.. :P anyway, we left Genting at about 9ish and had dinner at Gohtong Jaya before shooting to LCCT to pick mummy and Jiaxin up.

We were damn excited coz we know it's Jiaxin's 1st time on the airplane. on the way to pick them up, we were reminiscing out 1st time airplane experience and it was pretty fun lor... coz we were both damn young, so everything was great, we got free toys and all that... :D anyway, Jiaxin had a horrid experience and she complained with facts all the way from LCCT to Ara Damansara and both Linda and I were laughing our ass off... :P poorthing... 1st time punya airplane experience is such a disappointment for her :P

anyway, by the time they sent me home, it was close to 1am... and i tell ya... i was damn exhausted wei... so tempted to call in sick today... but i have a few jobs to follow-up :( and tomorrow gotta go for the course in Wisma MCA in downtown KL so today have to clear off everything... see see.... seems like a few ppl is sick... Mr. S called in sick, LM left me a msg telling me that she is in MC today. wah.. what is this? call in sick day issit?

ok... i m hungry alre... wanna go for lunch liao :D

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