Saturday, June 13, 2009


... yup... made pizza @ lisa's and it's damn yummy :D she bought the flour from the bakery shop and when i sampai that time, she was already in the midst of making the dough :D

anyway, damn alot of toppings lor... got sausages, black pepper chicken, capsicums, onions, pineapples (!!!), mushrooms (!!!) and tomatoes (???)

*(!!!) = omgsodamnfuckingniceeeeeeee
(???) = eeewwwwww.....

anyway, let the pictures do the talking la... :D

this is made by me... :D

this is made by Auntie Lisa

actually hor... we made more than this la... the dough was for 6 (!!!) pizzas! so far i've ate 1.5 and lisa ate 1.... we both each made 3 pizzas and yea... damn fucking full now :D but damn nice lor.... especially when i put damn alot of pineapples!! and my pizza base was minimal tomato paste and alot of mayonnaise!! :D woohoo! :D this is damn fun!! :D

anyway, i was going thru my phone pix and this is what i found.... :D

look pa! Elephant crossing!!! :D

yea... saw this sign board on the way to the client's place from Jemaluang to Kota Tinggi the last time i went back to Kluang... :D my dad was spotting enough to slow down the car so that i can take this pic :P (actually he didnt believe me when i told him i saw Elephant crossing sign. he told me it's cows la... and i told him, no, it's elephant! so when i saw another sign from a far, i told my dad and he slow down to see and i snapped the pix :P

erm... some kinda WWII fort :D

yea.... and the clouds are pretty pretty too :D i saw a lot of this curious looking thing along the way to Kota Tinggi from Jemaluang and i asked my dad about it. Apparently these are forts/sentries built by the British soldiers against Japanese invasion (yea, the Japs were using this route from Thailand to Singapore) :D

so, overall, it was a pretty informative trip for me since i have this thing for clouds and WWII :D yes, i m a history buff :D

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