Saturday, May 2, 2009

pissed off again. fucking chicken!

why am i always surrounded by chickens??? omg! what happened? welp, my parents are coming over today and my dad ask me to call his nieces out for dinner. so i called her. and she told me kaima and kaiyeh is in town and she say let's all go new paris for dinner together gather so that we can share the cost. which is fine with me. then she say ask my dad to call her dad aka kaiyeh. i called my dad and told him and ask him to call kaiyeh aka his brother. now fast forward a few hours later, i called my dad and he told me kaiyeh told him he dont know anything and check with chicken. chicken is the one planning. then i called her and she FUCKING DENIED SUGGESTING ANYTHING AND FUCKING DENIED THAT WE ARE HAVING DINNER AT NEW FUCKING PARIS!!! then she continue lamenting how difficult it is to organize since there are 12 of them there and that it's complicated and all those crap la. which actually pisses me off coz if it's so god damn fucking mah fan, then dont fucking suggest in the fucking place and then denied it! tiu! fucking fed up wei! so i fed up and just tell her, forget it, no need to meet then.

mental note to myself: get rid of all the chickens around me!

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