Monday, May 4, 2009

the weekend...

... was surprisingly eventful :D so, it was my last weekend here in kl. most of u might not really geddit why am i like so damn dramatic over the 9 days i will be in kluang. the thing is, i m not sure if i m strong enough to fight against my parent's guilt trip. yes, they will definitely lay tonnes of guilt trip on me... and i dont know if i can survive or not la...

so anyway, saturday after work, went back home to catch up with the drama series whilst waiting for my parents to arrive. went straight to mid valley coz mom wants to buy more korean drama series (and you ask me why am i so dramatic???? :P) oh oh.... just found out that platinum card holders no need to pay RM5 for that toilet in Gardens. i was so tempted to convince my dad to go in and take pic for me... but then again... damn paiseh la.. :P so we didnt... now i regret... :P i m damn curious what's in that toilet that makes it so damn expensive and yet i m not willing to part RM5 to cure my curiousity... u see, RM5 can get me 5 packets of nasi lemak leh! :P yea, i m stingy like that when i want to :D. so anyway, after that, we convinced my mom for once not to eat 'pak cham kai'. yea, my mom is crazy over 'pak cham kai' and that's the only thing she wants to eat when we go out. and honestly speaking, i m so damn fucking sick of it! :P so my mom said she wants to eat crab pulak..... and she wanted lala chong. and i am too lazy to drive to the subang airport one so we went to the one in ara damansara. anyway, mommy tak dapat makan the crab coz sold out liao... but lo and behold! she dapat makan 'pak cham kai'!! like wtf?? wei! it's a seafood restaurant leh!!!! after that sumptious dinner, we all head back home and my parents tried to hijack my room coz got aircon. and we ended up playing 'oh pay som' (dont come and judge me about what a bad daughter i m to my parents, i alre to them i m not willing to give up my aircon room coz it's so damn freaking hot that day! :P) dad lost. so he have to sleep in the non aircon room and i sleep with my mom. the next day early in the morn, dad woke up early to go to church and mom and i cont to sleep in. brought mom for lunch nearby and then went over to Atria coz the church is near there. and mom went crazy. she bought like a dozen or so handbags and bought me one too.... wah... 1st time i got such wanita wanita punya handbag wei! :P pink kaler somemore! :P

oh oh... when mom was getting ready to go out, i showed mom my beautilicious prize and she went: nice meh the color? and i went: i like it ah and she went: no nice la, gimme. (yea, my mom :P) then she brought up the subject of plastic surgery again. u see, the thing about my mom is, she thinks i m fucking ugly... so she is always finding ways to force me to go for plastic surgery, on her of coz. but i dont want leh... siao meh??? but hor... sometimes hor... i m curious also la... but i also takut what if the surgery got botched up? then i disfigured for the rest of my life how? :P

anyway, after leaving the parents there, i went off to do my groceries. then went home to take a nap and then met small cow for dinner. then small cow surprised me by suggesting we go sing k. you must know something about small cow. she never sing k before in her life coz she is very shy, she thinks she sing awfully bad... but no leh.. she can sing one leh... just no confidence only. so anyway, we went to sing k. and it was damn fun. only both of us. mf couldnt make it but seems like he wished he were there coz we were sms-ing each other and he was asking me to ask small cow to sing that 10mins leo ku song. :D

went home ard 3ish and in the state of sleepiness, i sent an ultra long sms to mg which was intended for small cow... =.=" erm... i didnt bring my hp to work today so i dont really remember the msg la.... damn fucking embarrassing :P

i think mf is interested in small cow. but then again, i m just being paranoid, as usual :D

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