Saturday, May 2, 2009

so small cow and i drama habis liao. the more i think about it, the more ridiculous the drama was :P

small cow came over and pick me up on thurs nite and we headed over to the curve coz she needed to get something. we ended up stuffing ourselves with Marche.... omg.... i simply love their Rosti la.... in fact, that's the ONLY thing i love over in Marche KL. :D I so much prefer Marche @ The Heeren SG. but i think it's already chap lap... not sure la.. :D dah lama tak pergi SG la. :D After Marche, we decided to head over to Subang to get DVDs. Yea, i promised MF to help him get 'em DVDs about 1 month or 2 ago... but never really went DVDs shopping... even if i did, i didnt have the money to buy :P so yea... anyway, apparently the movies that he wanted damn susah to dapat alre.... only managed to get 3 from the shop and booked the other 8 with them. then small cow suggested we go over to the other shop... lagi worst.... so we booked with them too... then i asked small cow if she wanna try ss2? and she is game for it. so we headed over to SS2, to my fav DVD shop. couldnt find any of the remaining 8 discs. but the shop owner say, give up, most likely cannot get already one.... hmmmm..... so i saw a few tvb dramas that i am interested.... damn tempted to buy.... but since i've still got King of Snooker, Gossip Girl S2 and later EU, there is not much point, is there? :D also, i got Grey's Anatomy S5, Pushing Daisies S2 and Private Practice S5 in my hdd that i havent have the chance to watch yet. ok, actually, i am saving these 3 to teman me in Kluang next week :P - if i have time to watch la :D

omg..... can u imagine???? i m going back next weekend!!! omg! omg! omg!! *sweat*

oh oh.... anyway, lepas beli DVDs, small cow stayed a nite over to teman me drink Vodka.... but hor... i didnt really have the mood to drink anymore... i think hor it's coz the taste is different la... maybe coz there isnt any lime juice :P and then we watched King of Snooker.... but cannot la... watch until halfway, i wanted to sleep alre... and small cow was busy tian tian mi mi with Watts the Scratcher (waves at Watts - hi!) over the phone :D so anyway, woke up around 2ish, i think, and small cow was still sleeping. so i continued to watch the drama till around 6ish then we went out for dinner. the dinner was superb. :P we had crabs, fish and veg. and omg... it was so gawd damn filling! so filling until i can only say: "Bao dao........." translate: "Full until.........." the whole way back.... i cant even finish my sentence la... :P

went back to cont with my drama - now only left 3 ep before i m done with it... :D Next is to finish watching Ming Zhong Zu Ding Wo Ai Ni. i tell ya,..... i am fucking in love with that show la... :P this is like the 2nd time i watched it and i can still bawl my eyes out :P but gonna habis watching alre.... after that will be Gossip Girl S2. :P

why am i like no lifer like that watching so many drama? erm..... can save money mah.... stay at home no need to spend money one.... :D

i bet you guys must be wondering about MF? welp, no doubt i do still love him :D but if it's meant to be, it's meant to be la. we are still friends, we still sms each other. but that's it lor. there are really really really a lot of times i wish to make things clear with him... but i didnt. anyway, dont wanna talk about him alre... just talk about him only i started to self censored.....

dont wanna type liao.. :D bye

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