Thursday, April 30, 2009

omg... is wrong with Chickens???? why am i surrounded by a group of irritating chickens????

what happened this time? welp, my MSN status is set as "Busy" and my personal msg is set as "Jessy is very frustrated!!!"

and this chicken must la come over and kena slap by me! 1st she started with small talk. which i take some time to answer... which is an indication that i am busy??? then she proceed in telling me stuffs... which i still take some times to answer her... then she has the fucking cheek to ask me to help her google something!!!! why cant she google herself??? her excuse is always, you are smarter mah, i cannot find any info.... like wtf??????? that's the lamest excuse ever!!!!!!!!!!!! then i told her off. i m busy leh, my status is set as Busy so i m really busy. then she just dont fucking get it!!! she went and ask me, when can i give her the links..... LIKE WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, BITCH????

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