Thursday, April 30, 2009


... so i went thru one of my hurricane rage yesterday. as you can see....

aftermath: welp, i m still pissed with a coupla you, and i m almost grovelling and begging for forgiveness from one of you, and the other, i really dont see the need to apologize nor i see the need to continue to be angry.

you, who the fuck do u really think i m ah? 1st you called me the nite before asking me if i m free last nite. i asked you why and your line was so bad, i cant hear anything and next thing i heard, you say you will call me back. which you didnt. which is good. seriously, i dont wanna fucking see you! then last nite, last nite you called. asking me what am i doing, i told you sleeping. and then you can fucking tell me that you will call me back later! like wtf is wrong with you??? you fucking know what is sleeping or not????? why do you wanna wake me up 2 fucking times???? you of all people should know i hate being disturbed when sleeping! and you wanna disturb me 2 times! the fuck is wrong with you?????? also, who the fuck do you think i am?? you wanna make plans, make plans properly and dont take me for granted assuming that i will always be free for you! i will not! just becoz u are not working and have flexible time, doesnt mean that i am same as you!!!!!!! you are always saying: paiseh ah, dont wanna kacau you, paiseh ah.... but you are not even paiseh! the more you say that, the more you kacau me! and what gives you the fucking rights to just make up your mind to just come over and stay a night??? can you stop being so damn fucking selfish and self centered ah??? can you fucking grow up???? even small cow who is much younger than you know how to think! grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. forgot u read my blog! :O

    i just cannot stand those ppl anymore. so lemme rant! :P

  2. *kena drag on stage*
    *stands middle of the stage innocently*

    ohhhh kayyyy...

    *goes down the stage*

  3. *pull small cow back to the stage*

    you haven't take a bow :x

  4. im too embarrassed to take a bow la!

    *runs down the stage blushing*

  5. tsk tsk tsk....

    *look around at the audience*


    see what see? never see mad cow get mad before ah?

    *whistling whilst walking down the stage*

  6. *peeps through the curtain*

    *waves good bye*

    *hides behind the curtain again*