Wednesday, April 29, 2009

pissed off...

... with the whole fucking world now.

wanna say something, say it out clear, if not, dont say at all! i m not your fucking mind reader!

if you dont fucking know how to go to the fucking place, go search for it! i already explained a few times, i dont know how to direct, i only know how to go! which part of that dont you fucking understand??? if it's so damn fucking hard for you to find your fucking way there, then fucking change the venue!

i asked you specifically the other day if pick up cargo on 28th, can deliver on 29th to north bridge road or not, you say cannot. when i already told you it's a fucking charterred truck. and then u insist i call customer to say that need to pick up on 27th. which we did. then you smartly go and deliver on 28th when no one is there to receive the goods, making our singapore side charging us extra SGD 200!!! and now when i ask u about it, you push EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BLAME ON ME TELLING ME THAT YOU DIDNT KNOW IT'S A FUCKING CHARTERRED TRUCK!!! mahai cibai! harlow???? you are the fucking one who arranged for the fucking truck! you are the one who forced us to get the customer to release the goods on 27th! and you are fucking telling me you didnt fucking know???? wtf???? now customer dont wanna pay, you fucking pushing every fucking thing to me! i know i m to blame for not knowing my product well, but you are fucking equally to be blamed for giving me fucking wrong information and arranging things AGAINST what we agreed with customer!!! so dont come and fucking shout at me and ask me to change the fucking quotation to make the fucking extra RM400 absorbed into other fucking cost when it is already itemized and they already fucking refused to pay!!!!!!! u think they are fucking stupid issit??? they dont know how to count like you issit????

and you also another one. i dont wanna talk about you at all. but since i've already started, i might as well get on your case as well! no, it's not ok for you to come over and stay anytime you want. seriously. no, it's not. why? coz i dont know how to handle you at all. you are so damn fucking illogical that whenever i talk to you, i wish to slap you a few times. yes, that bad. i dont agree with every single decision you've made so far and the future plans. seriously, i dont. i lazy to elaborate. coz no matter what i say, you will have 1001 excuses and 'reasonings' which you will see it as fucking logical and i see it as fucking slapping shit at your own face! so fine, once you've read this, you are gonna stop talking to me for a few more months. go fucking ahead. i dont really give a damn anymore. really. i dont.

then there is you. you just fucking cant stand seeing me being happy, can you? everytime when i am fucking happy, u have this fucking urge to fucking pick up a fucking needle to just burst my happiness bubble, dont you? why are you so damn fucking dengki??? if you are not fucking happy with your fucking life, get another! or just fuck off from my fucking life!!!!

and you! you!!!aaaarrrrggghhhh! you should just fucking go to hell la!

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