Wednesday, April 29, 2009

no bloggy, i didnt abandon you.... just that... er... i dunno what to blog anymore.

*waves at watts*

yea, just found out small cow' somebody reads my blog. i dont know what's going on between both of them... so yea...

meeting OTA, LM and Ronnie and small cow later tonite for dinner. :D it should be fun catching up with them. surprisingly, i actually do missed Ronnie - no matter how annoying he can be at times - *waves a Ronnie - wei! remember to click click click ah*

MF - he is slowly but surely out of the picture. my choice :D i was so tempted to sms him last nite and tell him everything. but i decided not to, coz i've decided to give up :D i mean like honestly speaking, if he is really interested, i wouldnt be here agonizing everyday, right? :D

*gives big cow a pat on the back*

yea... i pannai already :D

yea, i m having a lot of self censorship lately. that's why i no mood to blog anymore. there are really really really a lot of bitchy stuffs that i wanna rant. but i cant. too private and the people involved reads this blog. you, you, you and you, if u wanna terasa and think i wanna bitch about you even though it's not even you, then too bad la. as i said PEOPLE involved. not PERSON. the world does not revolves around you, ok??? gawd.... so anyway, i this weekend will be my final weekend in KL (and i wont be seeing mf for the next few weeks/mths :() and i am feeling kinda sad :( so anyway, i've lost my trains of thoughts alre... something happened at work - AGAIN! so yea.. er... bye

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