Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Cow is hiao! :D

i've been wanting to color my hair for the longest time. but i didnt believe in the DIY ones coz my hair is too thick and dark and always cannot kena color one =.="

i've seen Kao's Liese Hair Color a couple of times before and i think someone blogged about it long long time ago... and i was still a little skeptical. i was thinking, why waste RM38 for a bottle of disappointment? so i didnt bother to buy it.

then about 1 week before cny, i, again, dengan rakus-nya wanted to color my hair. but i was too damn kiam siap to go to a proper hair salon. and then i remember redbabe blogged about Color'N'Go at e@Curve. that's another disaster story la... went too early and it's not open and i was lurking around the shop and read the pamphlet only to realized not ngam me. lazy to elaborate. just take it as it is, ok? :D

then 2 days ago, mich talk about coloring her hair on fb. and i was thinking, eh? watever happened to my plans of coloring my hair la?

so yesterday, during our emailing sessions, i was lamenting to minger i wanna color my hair and i dont even mind trying that Liese thingie... since the method is slightly different from the other brands, maybe it will work? :D so i went to their website and did more research and i actually narrowed down to Cassis Berry or Glossy Brown
Mana tau, when Minger and i check out the range, we realized Sweet Pink is much nice! And so we bought it. I was being kiasu, told her i wanted to buy 2 since my hair is so thick.... :D ya... you must be thinking, am i nuts?? pink color hair??? lol! but no wor... come out not pink... i like!!

So dengan rakus-nya, i went home and shampoo my hair, blow dry my hair (yes, mich! i actually blow dry my hair!! o.O) and read the instructions carefully. then i kiasuly mixed both bottles at once (bad move)... i apply apply apply.... one bottle havent finish my hair already dont have anymore space to apply the rest! :P but i didnt wanna waste the 2nd bottle la... so i just main add only.... at the end, i used 1.5 bottles :D

The end result? i am sooooooo loving it! :D should have done it long ago!!! :D

Whilst waiting for my hair to dry, i played with another new toy :D gel eyeliner :D omg.... why didnt i discover this long time ago??? it's so damn easy to apply! and fun too! so i ended up playing make up make up.... and then by the time i finish playing, i realized how silly i was! :P it was already 1am... wear make up for wat la???

so i mm kam buan. wash it off and decided that i am gonna wear make up to work today! woke up at 7.30 this morning just to play some more :D

and i wanna go play tonite! :D told minger i wanna go play* tonite. asked a few ppl but either they have plans or not confirmed. The reason why i wanna go play, ok, drink, tonite is coz tomorrow onwards i will be super angry and uptight over Finger's absent. so i figure, i might as well enjoy myself tonite!! :D

Minger wants to go Sunway Giza tonite. :D We will be there la :D

Oh oh! Minger and I will be catching Lat the Musical this Monday at a discounted price!! damn happy :D Can't wait!! :D


  1. no wonder wanna go over time la! yuan lai wana play make up!!! diaoooo.... =.="""

  2. Koreksion: wanna go play, not specifically overtime ;-) it's just convenient to go there coz near where we are all staying (except ash guy ash and Daph la ;-))