Thursday, March 31, 2011

wtf is wrong with my colleague??

Ms Know it all said (6:26 PM):
Finger on leave again ah?
hahaha... sure got lots of drama to hear again
Big Cow said (6:27 PM):
not funny at all
Ms Know it all says (6:27 PM):
all the problem you all have to settle it while he is away
Big Cow says (6:28 PM):
at this point of time, i feel like u are tukang api
so pls stop!
Ms Know it all says (6:28 PM):
ok ok la

Lemme state out what is wrong with this whole conversation.

1. The most obvious is, what the fuck is Ms Know it all trying to do? damn happy that shit is gonna happen issit???? why is she fucking gloating???? omg!
2. Finger is so famous for fucking up whenever he is on leave (when he is not around, all the shit he has been sitting on / suppressing will explode. every. single. fucking. time!) that even people who are not involved also know??? omg!

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