Saturday, April 2, 2011

big cow....

... is very happy :D *jumping in happiness*

anyways, went to Overtime @ Sunway Giza last night. Minger's suggestion. i just play tag along :D

After work, went home to freshen up then went over to Minger's place so that she can poke my eyes help me put on contact lens (yes, i m that useless... coz when i try to put myself, the freaking lens refuse to stick to my eyeballs :P)

after successfully poked my eyes, we continue to make up make up... actually to me, the thrill of going out to play is actually playing make up make up :D

left her place at around 8.30 and by the time we sampai OT, it was the last call for the buy 1 free 1/2 promo. due to the fact that i've not finish my course of the antibiotics, we decided to order some snacks to lace my stomach. the food is ok ok la.... nothing to shout about, can fill tummy nia :D

*insert pictures of food when i m in the mood to transfer from the camera to pc*

Marc came later. Found out something interesting and personal about him. wow. everyday is a new learning process :D

Small Cow came later all dressed up as well :D we drank and talked and played chor ti. i sux at it wei. only won once. erm... ok, 3 times. The other 2 times were by Marc :P what happened? Ash Guy Ash joined us much later and i decided to stop playing chor ti coz i kept on losing and it aint fun no more :D so anyway, Marc was winning and left the last card and i conveniently took over and 'won' :P

Mudder and Fudder couldn't make it coz the old man wants to go for early morning walk =.="

Christine couldn't make it coz she was tired.

Miao gotta balik Alor Setar, so cannot join us

Merce & Debb got prior appointments

Daph last minute sms-ed to ffk coz she wasnt feeling well :(

Due to the fact that i need to work today, at around 1am i told them i wanna balik alre (party pooper, i know :P) everything was ok, until my drive home, i started to feel dizzy, vision sort of blurring... i think it's caused by the contact lens. luckily it's a short drive back la. minger helped me take out the lens when we sampai her place. she says my finger nails are too long, cannot take out =.=" i m so macam invalid, right? :D after she take out the lens and i wear back my glasses, migraine happened =.="

massive migraine. and i didnt have ponstan on hand =.=" drank water like 10000 yrs never drink water before (my migraines are usually caused by dehydration) and tried to sleep. thank goodness can sleep :D

woke up this morning without any migraine and feeling unreasonably happy. i dont know why. usually when i m lack of sleep, i get cranky and what not. but i just feel damn happy :D

it reminds me of the time when Kenny and i 1st started to pat tor. Sit in the bus on the way to work also can keep on smiling to myself :D and i remembered my ex-colleague asked me why was i so happy and i just told her: life is so beautiful! the world is soooo beautiful!!! :D :D

and we both burst out in laughter. i m feeling this happy now. but not because of love nor relationships (i m after all, quite the failure in this department). i just dont know why i m happy :D it's a weird weird feeling :D actually, if i m harping on love or relationship, i think i will get majorly depressed la. :D

oh oh, whilst getting ready last nite at minger's place, my ex colleague, Mr CEO wannabe, called to confirm the gathering date and venue :D i guess we are all looking forward to this gathering coz we seriously had a great time in ITT last time :D it's honestly the best job ever in my life :D the working environment is superb, the staff benefits is great, the colleagues are all fun and the job is really really interesting :D too bad la... we all kena retrenched :(

anyway, *light bulb moment* i think i will work on Mr CEO wannabe :P Tanya is soooooo gonna kill me :P

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