Monday, February 28, 2011

Very eventful...

...weekend.. :D


Met up with the karchengs for Baby Zen's (decided to name him that coz his Chinese name is so....Zen :P) full moon dinner at Spicy Crab, Kota Kemuning. The bloody crab damn fucking spicy until all our lips swollen =.=" and to think i m the queen of eating chilli!! anyway,left the office on the dot so that i can spend some quality time with my darling, Chanel :D she is sooooooo cute and i really love her to bits!! :D after dinner, rushed over to Green Box at Bukit Tinggi for karaoke session with the colleagues. dont really enjoy it. but it was ok la.


Went Subway lunch with Minger at Subang Airport coz we have not utilize the Feb coupon yet :D after lunch, i decided i need my dosage of 'pick me up' and forced minger to teman me makan chocotop :D really really good pick me up :D went home with a lighter heart and mood :D

Got ready for Ronnie & Adeline wedding immediately as i sux at make up and i needed time to make up :P LM came over to pick me up at 5.30pm coz we expected to jam all the way to Flamingo Hotel. See see, we memang jam all the way, got over shot and went into KL city and then turn back to Ampang =.=" when we arrived, we were just on time =.="

as you all know, i m not a wedding person. i dont do weddings. but i enjoyed this wedding tremendously, maybe coz i met so many friends there. even found out a long lost irc friend was there (minger sms-ed me to inform me). Got to know one of the ex-colleague better and it was fun la - despite the horrendous karaoke sessions by those aunties and uncles which makes it harder for us to talk. My table consist of all the ex colleagues from itt so it was really really fun. :D food wise, erm... i only like the chicken dish :P took a lot of really silly pictures which were warned by a colleague who aspire to be the next CEO that i m not allowed to post it up anywhere... not even FB.... :P the night ended with a planned gathering end of March. Which i m soooooo looking forward to! :D


Woke up feeling ravenous... i think i ate too much the previous night (my friend told me one, if i eat too full the previous nite and sleep, i will wake up more hungry one). Met Donny at SS14 to pick him up to go Klang for the yummy Pan mee. i think i saw Jon-Ifer-Jon. Jon, my ice and weed and a place to layan ice and weed supplier, Jon. We kept on looking at each other. I m not sure if it's really him. But from the body language and look, he looks like Jon. No, i didnt approach him. I was in my car waiting for Donny and he was in the BKT shop. Anyway, the lunch was superb :D We went to the famous pai kut place to tapau the minced meat fried meatballs before we proceed to the Berkeley's pan mee place. Waited for close to 1hr before the food were served :D after pan mee, drove back to pass minger the food. on the way back, Donny Ang suddenly say he wants to bring me go sing karaoke 'one of these days' and since i was free yesterday, i told him, let's do it today after froyo then! :D he wanted to back out after that but i wouldnt let him :P coz it wasnt the 1st time he said that to me ;) so after the orgasmic froyo, we went over to Neway Subang and sang till we got bored (4.5hrs) :D we tarik so many cows up the tree!! :P after karaoke, Donny Ang wanted to go for coffee. It was almost 11pm already and i didnt want. so i dropped him at his car and went back and talked to small cow for awhile before falling asleep.

had really really really weird dream last nite. it was really funny and bizarre. Dreamt that 5cm come and tell me he loves me in so much tenderness and i started to burst out laughing.... :P told him and the rest of the colleagues today and we had a great laugh over it :P

i also dreamt of owning a BB Torch. no thanks to Mr Proper! i want a BB Torch!! anyone wanna donate money to my Tabung Kebajikan BB Torch? It's really a charity for the unfortunate (me!) :D. but seriously, this is something i m planning to get by hook or by crook la. so gonna start saving... AFTER my auntie ruby trip in June :P

Also dreamt of the topics Mr Proper and i talked about that nite at the wedding. of love and relationships and marriage. it was really a weird dream. i think i woke up shouting in frustrations a bit then went back to sleep.

i think i sang too much yesterday la. damn a lot of drama in my dream :P

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