Tuesday, February 8, 2011

so, i went back for CNY. as usual, it has been a dramatic one. met an accident on the way back to kluang, grandmother goes crazy, did a silly mistake and the elders treat it as if like i've done a horrible crime! Anyway, not all is bad la... i am kinda lazy to blog. here are some pics.

Camp bed - which everyone seems to be fighting to sleep on it. why ah?

my workstation for the 1st 2 days in kluang :D i promised the bosses that i will monitor the work from home. this is how i monitor ;)

as usual, popo cooked a hell of alot for just 4 of us =.="

Sooooooooo weird!! pseudo Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse came and wish everyone happy Chinese New Year!! the 'MC' were explaining the meanings in mandarin but i tuned her out :P

Went to Singapore on the 3rd of Chinese New Year to meet up long lost friends and i am really glad i've made this trip! :D

View of Singapore Flyer from the carpark

view from the flyer

Dinner in the Sky. my question is, will the waiter/waitress be in the flyer with the diners? if yes, not unromantic and awkward meh? if no, not mah fan to change your own course of meal and pour your own wine meh? wont the food be cold already?

Little handsome, cheeky, smart, cute Xavier :D he is so cute and smart! and he can really dance!! :D

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