Monday, February 14, 2011

Big cow had.......

A great weekend!! :D

it started off on Saturday. Redbabe and i impromptuly decided to meet up for lunch near her place. After gotten directions from her, i shoot off to her place from my office. thankfully her directions are pretty easy to follow and i arrived her place without getting lost :D we had lunch and then went over to her place to borak borak and catch up :D and i meet Rumba and Sunshine for the 1st time!!! :D and i tell ya, Rumba is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! she uses her eyes to talk to people one!!! i see her eyes only my heart melt alre :P

after her place, went over to kepong to meet the small cow. we had a small miscommunications. i thought she was going to get the bread in advance and cut at her place and she thought is was gonna get it later and go my place to cut! lol. so we ended up choosing the 3rd alternative. just go to the nearest bakery and get the ppl there to cut for us! we were kinda late to Mudder's place. the food and the companions were fantastic despite something unfortunate incident happened (but all is well!! :D)! i laughed so much until my jaw hurts. we hung out until around 3.30am then went back to kepong to get my car. then teman small cow to run a small errand then balik. i think i slept at 5ish or something.

On Sunday, met up with Graceux5 to catch up over froyo... and i m seriously addicted to it!! damn yummy!!! it was really really nice catching up with her :D i think we sat there for more than 3hrs :D then after that, met up with Donny Ang for dinner. brought him over to my all time favourite steamboat place in Kepong and introduce him to the bbq chicken wings and potent special chili sauce!! he didnt really believe me and took a lot and ended up crying and sweating and wished he was in northpole or something. lol! padan muka! :P we ate so much and so full until i felt that my stomach almost burst. :D after dinner, went over to a client's place to collect an urgent document which i've completely forgotten that i was suppose to collect. =.=" after collecting the document, i've decided that my stomach needs something cold after that steamboat session. so i kidnapped Donny Ang to a Tutti Frutti near my place and intro him to froyo... :D YES!!! I AM ADDICTED TO IT!!! :D it reminds me so much of Yami Yogurt in singapore!! :D after everything, when i sent Donny back to his car, he couldnt get outta my car coz he was too full :D

When i reached home, i had an unpleasant surprise. the idiotic psycho stalker (ok la, i have to admit la, i was at fault in some ways also la) left a bouquet of flower with my neighbour =.=" i took the card, saw his name and message and i told my neighbour they can keep the flower as i m allergic to it :P i know it's nice to receive flowers. i was seriously elated for a brief moment. but when i saw who was it from and his message, i got tulan all over. =.="

but overall, despite the minor drama here and there, i really had a great weekend!! :D how was yours? :D

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