Sunday, January 30, 2011

weird things always happens... (full pledge rant - skip it if u are not interested in my complains)

... to me when i am alone!!!!

i m quite sure you all will be asking:

what now?

dont worry, i'll tell you!!!!

things hasnt been going as planned from the moment i step outta my house today! i washed my car yesterday and it started to rain whole afternoon until now. not only that, stupid grass cutters dunno why so damn fucking rajin decided to cut grass on a rainy day and my car got covered with cut grass!!! nia ma!!!

then when i arrived cineleisure, wanting to color my hair, the place is not opened yet. so i walked over to the flea market to get the thing i wanna get. but because it's raining, the stall were already set up nicely but covered by a sheet of plastic and the stall owner is no where to be found!!! so i like a so hai waited for almost 3 hours and the bloody rain didnt stop!!!

so i drove over to tesco coz minger wanted me to help her buy more beer. got stuck in the bloody jam in the carpark. and when i saw a car coming out, i put my signal, went in front, so that i can reverse park, a bloody car behind decided to steal the space!!! i was by then pretty frustrated, in fact, i was already raging inside. i stopped the car and went down to confront the driver. (yes, i m getting the hang of public confrontations, it seems =.=" i guess the NKVE shell incident unleashed the public confrontation self in me - wait... did i blog about that? no? next time la) but i lost the confrontation la... coz i malas to quarrel too long. not long later, i found another parking which is nearer to the entrance. ok la. i calmed down a bit. i went up to tesco to the cheap beer place and no one was at the island of hundreds of cartons of beers. so i mah park my trolley next to the island and called minger to confirm the quantity needed. next thing i know, some asshole uncle used his fucking trolley to bang my butt and asked me rudely if i m getting the beer. i was being already fucking annoyed with the whole day's situation, and i told him in a boh song's tone, yes, i m getting. and i told him there are space the other side, why need to bang me??? and then he didnt move and i didnt care la, still trying to call minger, then that asshole bang me again and rudely shouted at me to not block him. that really pissed me off big time and i started to scold him to fuck off and if he wants beer, just fucking get it and stop banging me! and then he started to act all high and mighty saying that i m so unladylike to use vulgarities. harlow???? do i need to be polite to an asshole??? so we quarreled. and i pushed my trolley behind him to bang him and asked him if he likes it. - ya, i went crazy. really creally crazy. but i really beh tahan lor. i mean if there are alot of ppl at that island and i m taking up the space until he cannot grab his beer, i understand la. but harlow??? there's NOFUCKINGBODY THERE!!!! how not to be angry??? bang me for what???????

after getting the stuffs, i went to the check out counter and the stupid african lady in front of me pulak pisses me off. she took like 5 packets of potato buns and paid. then next thing we know, she just walked back without her bun and money, making the cashier unable to check out my stuffs! like wtf??? not only that, when she came back with MORE packets of potato buns, she continue to hold up the queue dunno doing what until i cannot push my trolley out to collect the barang!!! like wtf is wrong with these ppl wei??????

then i decided to drive over to the curve to try my luck at the flea market again. but it's still not open!!! damn tulan leh.... wasted whole morning for nothing!!!

so ya... i m in an extremely pissy mood now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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