Thursday, October 28, 2010


so much in my head. gonna burst soon!!

1. hate it when ppl faced with a very simple yes or no question and they over think and think that there's seeham disebalik kuay teow or something and answer the question with another question or gimme crap answers like maybe, i dont know, i m not sure. harlow?? yes means yes! no means no! make up your fucking mind can or not??

2. some ppl have so much bitterness inside themselves that they cant stand other ppl being happy. they are that kind of person who brings a needle everywhere they go so that they can pop everyone's happiness bubbles whereever they go.

3. i dont know how many times i've said this before, and i will say it again. i seriously think that ppl who born in one particular year is the most illogical species ever! except ifer la. all of them have the same trait, illogical, fickle minded, bitter, thinks that the whole fucking world owes them something and are all trying to get on my nerves. you'd be surprise how many of these ppl are around me and i think i am just gonna go slit my wrist and die or something to get the hell out of them! seriously. every single one of them that i've met are like that. something went wrong in that year issit? nia ma

4. when you treat me nice, i acknowledge it by being doubly nice to you. but that does not i m a fucking welcome mat that you can fucking step all over! and no, i dont have patience for such attitude. so dont blame me for cutting ties.

5. it is very obvious that they are guilty of their bitchiness or they are really a bunch of attention seeking nobodies that's why they need to troll on others and get all perasan over others entries.

6. money cannot buy everything. honestly. i was really down last nite over many incidents that happened yesterday and someone msg me via fb asking me if i need help and if there is anything they can do. by that they mean if i need to borrow money. harlow, money is not the only problem in this world. can dont be so shallow? and i dont need your help coz i know you guys will be bitching about helping for the rest of my life. once bitten twice shy. so no, i dont need these hypocritical help. thank you very much.

7. work is getting worst each day. i kept on asking myself why the fuck am i still here working with bunch of selfish political idiots. the social situation in the office is so damn bad until everyone wants to stab everyone on the back. either that, or there's this tidak apa attitude. cargo damage? it's ok la. customer is dropping us? it's ok la. customer needs the job to be done urgently? ok la, i will get it done in 10yrs time. conclusion? i get fucking left right centre by customers. it's getting really frustrating to be blamed for things that i am not able to control.

8. i do not like to be approached for advise when you clearly already made up your mind. seriously, why do u even bother wasting our time, breath and saliva?

9. respect is something you need to earned and not forced upon. you have done so many stupid idiotic unethical things around us and you are forcing people to respect you?? please la, go look at urself in the mirror and see what is there to be respect?? now u are claiming that ppl 'no big no small' u very big meh? i dont think so lor.... *ptui*


  1. I think all work places are the same. It's just a matter of whether it's covert or overt. :S

  2. i do agree all work places have politics to a certain extend. but the ppl i work with are the worst i've encountered :D

    *deleted the next paragraph* i chicken shit la... dont wanna create drama in blog :D

  3. the usual suspects la... cool cool dont let them spoil your day and mood...

  4. already spoil liao la... everyday also like that....

  5. standard la pasal tu..... just tutup mata tutup telinga... :)